About DVN Co.


DVN Co. was founded on Faith with Fashion in mind.

Brand Mission

DVN Co. creates emotional and social connections with our customers around the globe through inspiring and dope product design, and unique experiences. Our bond with our customers is our core and our foundation - without compromise. Every moment in a Masterpiece is designed to be a memory.

We challenge market standards by being catalysts of change, providing unmatched, innovative, and cutting edge quality products, customer service, exclusivity, and value.

Brand vision

To be the brand that creates memories by being best connected with our customers, and the best at understanding and most satisfying their unique fashion desires.

Don't Call Us A VENDOR.
Originality and Quality First

You can trust that when you shop with us, you're getting original, high-quality made apparel. You won't find wholesale items on our store, and you also won't find the same products from anywhere else. 

All Products not equal

All products are not created equal. You can't get our products anywhere else, even if it looks similar.

Here at DVN Co., we have our own garment factory in Pakistan. We set our own product standards and rather than use our competitors as a baseline to beat, we aim to match the quality of the fashion industry's bests. Our Pak team ensures we stay on par with this vision and goal.

Masterpieces Only

You know the whole "this accessory is not supported" thing? That accessory usually LOOKS the same as a more authentic/genuine product, right? But then your device tells you 🗣THIS AIN'T IT! Got it? Think of this when you think DVN.

So when you see products that looks like a Masterpiece, say it with us "🗣THIS AIN'T IT!" 

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History in the Making

- The Beginning - 

DVN Co. was originally created as Divine Creations in the Spring of 2011, with the foundation of making evangelical clothing. The idea/hustle took a little detour in the fall of 2012 once Founder, Danielle Render, went to Purdue University. Graphic design became the focus for the next five years. Then in November 2017, we relaunched officially branded as Divine Creations Clothing Co., making the dopest nalia on this side of the himalayas.

As of January 2020, we rebranded to what you now know as DVN Co. (pronounced "Divine Company").

- Who We Are -

A team who has CRAZY FAITH. A startup company. A diverse team of millennials who know what poo-poo (subpar) experiences are. A group dedicated to being different. There's engineers, multi-media journalists, artists, designers, and medical folks on our team. We're different.

But you should also know who we aren't. We aren't the traditional 'nalia company from down the street (no shade whatsoever). But most importantly, we're not simply a v-word - "vendor." Seriously... It's cringey. For us, it's like fighting words. Ok, honestly, it just hurts. Apple, just like us, designs, sells, and produces their own products, and they're way more than just a "vendor." Anyone can vend/sell, but it's much much harder to be a brand.

DVN is a BRAND who strives to be known as such, a Brand. We strive to be - not just the first choice for dope apparel but also - the best choice. Our customers' experiences are the core of who we are. So it's only right that we provide an experience and product that they can't get anywhere else. DVN is DVN because of the people who support the brand.

- Our Purpose -

This all started with just a mustard seed of faith. Our ultimate goal is to allow God to use our minds and hands to contribute love and positivity to communities that matters to us. We hope to inspire that the cross is enough.