Creativity is Limitless

It should be the same way with custom items, and here at DVN, it is. Not a single roll of fabric is cut until we have your design and you're ready to start the show. When we say made-to-order, we really mean made from scratch, entirely. So it's exciting to share that there almost aren’t any restrictions that would limit your creativity. With near-limitless customization capabilities, DVN Co. makes it easy to ensure every custom item made with us is TRULY a #DVNMasterpiece.

Our Production Process

A Blank Canvas

Unlike most custom apparel companies, DVN Co. is unique in the fact that we start each custom order from scratch - allowing you the freedom during design to create something that's just simply not possible when choosing a stock product. So, we don't use wholesale items, ever. When you work with us, consider every custom order as a blank canvas. Being able to choose the colors and design of every part of the product, you’re guaranteed a Masterpiece that will highlight the things that allows your memorabilia to make even more memories.

Once you’ve finalized your design with us, only then do we begin to production. We start by cutting the garment panels from fabric rolls with the colors and fabric you’ve selected.

high quality embellishing
A Brush stroke

Once all the necessary panels are cut and sewn, it’s time to  make them personal with your details. We embellish the panels with embroidery (or if sublimation, printing happens first and then we cut and sew the panels) before sewing them all together. With a free range of production, this removes the restrictions often faced by embellishing an already assembled product (as wholesale stock products typically limit customization to specific areas of the product).

Did you know we’re even able to print over the entire garment, the the inside lining, or even pocket? This all allows a canvas that is completely made original and unique. A Masterpiece.

hand sewn & quality assured
Final Touches

Once the "hard" work is done, the time has come to sew all of the embellished panels together for your Masterpiece. Once your order is ready to be shipped, every product undergoes a series of quality control checks and tests before they’re sent on their way. Quality assurance is a priority at DVN Co. because your Masterpiece should last as long as your memories do. We want your piece of walking expression of memorabilia to make memories and endure time.

Industry-Leading Embroidery Quality

A High-Quality Embroidery Design Leads to..
...a High-Quality Product

Let's Make Memories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions for us? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

While the standard delivery times vary depending on the product, your garments should be delivered to you approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of your order. However; If you need your garments sooner, shoot us an email and we'll see how we can help.

Reach out to us with your ideas or drafts and we'll help you get all squared away, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Email us at whenever you're ready.

We absolutely do. We highlight embroidery so much because it's an art but we LOVE sublimation. If you've never heard of it, it's one of the highest forms of printing. If you want a printed garment that will last, we highly recommend sublimation. It's more cost effective than embroidery and just as much of a beauty.

Great question! Here at DVN, we have no minimums. However, for most optimal pricing, it's best to have a quantity of at least 10. Why? We can make one jacket or we can make one thousand, but the one jacket will cost much higher due to the resources allocated for it. Quantities less than ten in garment manufacturing are considered "samples." While it seems to be easier to make just one item, the same amount of resources are allocated as if there was fifty.

So, we can always make quantities less than 10, but the price will always be higher if they don't cross this threshold. 

Feel free to reach out to us! We'll help out however we can. It's important to note we don't provide mock-ups until after the full payment is made or a non-refundable (but deductible) $50 design fee is pad. 

Absolutely! We'd never stop a single order. It's just important to know that your price point is going to be higher since your quantity is less than 10. For example, if you want a custom chenille patch, it's going to be more expensive to produce one patch than to produce ten patches.

Reach out to us with your pricing so we can quote you on your order.

You can cancel your order prior to your order going into production. If your order is not in production and you wish to cancel your order, please contact us. However, once in production, we do not cancel orders and deposits are not refunded.

Our products are 100% made-to-order in Pakistan. While we are headquartered in the USA, we rely on our team in Pakistan to maintain the quality of our products. 

We are unable to refund or exchange custom items due to incorrect selection. Please be careful when ordering and check all the details in your mock-up and proof. Ensure you have checked your size before ordering.

However, if we made a mistake and there is a problem with your order, please contact us within 14 days. Our customer care team is standing by to help.

With any order issues, please provide as many details as possible, including your name, phone number, order number, a picture of the suspected problem, and a customer care team member will assess your garment and resolve the issue as soon as possible.